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Join AprilX

AprilX is comprised of an interdisciplinary team and is looking for additional researchers from a variety of backgrounds to fill several open positions. Please see the list of positions below and get in touch to apply.

We are not a typical company and we don't believe experience, MBA's, or the way you wear your hair should matter. We simply expect greatness, and wish everyone else did the same. AprilX to the moon!

Director International Logistics

If you enjoy the fast paced world of logistics and have experience with sourcing, pricing, and freight management this may be the job for you. Please reach out to our team to learn more.

Machine Learning Analyst

We are searching for an experienced machine learning engineer located in South East Florida. If you are interested please reach out to our team.

Administrative Assistant

Interested in being apart of a hyper fast growing artificial intelligence robotic company? 

We are looking for someone who is self-driven, positive and an overall rockstar at administrative tasks. 

Lab Manager

This position is pretty much a warehouse operations role...on performance enhancement drugs. :) 

Candidates would not only be responsible for making sure multiple millions of dollars of technology are being well handled internally but also responsible for keeping orders rolling on-time. Up for the challenge?

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